Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump. Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump.
Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump.
Solar Pump System
Solar Photovoltaic Pump System
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Solar Photovoltaic Pump System
Solar Panel
Pump Outlet:

Working Principle

The solar panel absorbs the solar radiation energy and converts it into electric energy; the solar photovoltaic pump inverter adjusts the output power in real time according to the change of the sunlight intensity, and drives the water pump to work. It is mainly composed of solar panels, controllers (inverters) and high-performance pumps.


  • No need for electricity network, can be used in remote areas without electricity.

  • Fully automatic operation, wireless remote control, no need for manual duty.

  • Wide range of adapted pumps, such as three-phase, single-phase, DC pumps.

  • Wide range of input voltage, adapt to a variety of PV modules.

  • The pump has high operating efficiency and is easy to maintain; it has attracted much attention for the green energy system which integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.

  • It adopts food grade stainless steel SUS304/SUS316 stamping, welding forming, CNC processing; low noise, safe and environmental-friendly, long service life.

  • Good compatibility, solar power generation can be combined with wind power/electricity mixed input.


  • Orchard, garden and greenhouse irrigation in remote areas.

  • Water supply for suburban parks and farms.

  • Aeration equipment for aquaculture farms such as fish ponds.

  • Swimming pool water circulation system.

  • Livestock drinking water system.

  • Living water, water purification system.

  • Agricultural drought-resistant, desert governing, etc.

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Selection of Solar Panel


1. Durability

Durable PV modules, independently tested for harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia and known PID risk factors. 

2. Advanced Glass

Our high-transmission glass features a unique anti-reflective coating that directs more light on the solar cells, resulting in a higher energy yield.

3. Top Selling Module Size

First choice for millions of banks and investors, this size is well-suited for almost all PV applications.

4. PID Resistant

Tested in accordance to the standard IEC 62804, our PV modules have demonstrated resistance against PID (Potential Induced Degradation), which translates to security for your investment.

Selection of Inverter



1. Compatible with any IEC three-phase asynchronous motors

2. Compatible with popular solar arrays

3. Grid main supply optional


1. Self-adaptive maximum power point tracking technology with up to 99% efficiency

2. Automatic regulation of pump flow

3. Self-adaptation to the drive used in the installation

Cost Effectiveness:

1. Plug-and-play system design

2. Embedded pump functions 

3. Battery-free for most applications

4. Effortless maintenance


10-year market proven experience of leading motor and pump drive technology

Soft start feature to prevent water hammer and increase system life

Built-in overvoltage, overload, overheat and dry-run motor protection

Selection of Deep Well Pump


1. Maximum Sediment Concentration 50g/.

2. Highest Service Environment Temperature 90.

3. Adopt High Efficiency Design to Save Life-cycle Cost.

4. Vertical Combined Motor and Pump Makes Up a Small Volume and Pumping Stations are Not Required.

5. Unique Non-Return Valve Design Prevents The Motor from Water Hammering Damage When Power Cuts Out.

6. Welded With Food-Grade Stainless Steel Sus304/Sus316L, Designed by Excellent Impeller Structure.

7. No Special Requirement on Well Pipe and Only Requires Water Duct to Bear The Corresponding Pressure. Suitable for Clean Water.

8. Noise Level Under 40DB When Operating, Much Lower Than 50-60db Noise Level When General Water Suction Pump Operating.

9. Provide Suitable Solutions According to Customers’ Actual Requirement for Pumping Head and Flow Rate, Satisfy Customers’ Diverse Needs.

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